How do you pronounce your Name & what does it mean?

Pronounces name AM-rith guh-NA-puh-thee

Means "immortal" from Sanskrit. In Hindu texts it refers to a drink that gives immortality.


What services do you provide?

FotoShoots, anything and everything that involves the elements of life you love to cherish. Portraits are an inherent part of everyone. For your shoot we will chose an estimated time frame of 30 to 60 minutes. This way we are able to create individual, unique images. We will do the shoot at a spot of your choice close to your heart.


What is your technique?

I prefer using natural light and mother nature’s unspoiled backdrop to capture the images. I don't use flashes, I don't use props and I dont use any artifical elements that would be used to generate a movie like photograph. All my shoots are outdoor preferred and I depend very much on a nice and bright day for some simple memories.



It's everywhere! I find bits of inspiration across daily. Maybe it's a new location that I drove past on my way to a store, or a mural on a building or hotrod on the street or a colorful person walking on the street. 



Wear something that makes you feel yourself and confident. And by I don't mean wear sweats or flip flops. Sometimes if you wear something you wouldn't normally wear it makes you feel uncomfortable and that can show through to the pictures. But if you're wearing something that makes you feel empowered and that makes you feel awesome, that also shows through to the pictures!


How many images do you include?

The Photo ’Graphs that I captures are your celebrations. For me the hardest and time intense job is image curation, I believe in giving you the best of the lot and having said that I'll make sure to give you more than enough images to remember the time in your lives. There are specific pacakges that will detail the images that you'd receive, bt if there is more in the lot I shall definately share them.


How long will it take for us to get the pictures?

Typically turnaround for each sessions it takes 3-5 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you as soon as possible while making sure I give time to each and every image needs.


Do you provide unedited images?

Nope. That's the easiest answer you can get, and also the most honest I do believe editing is an important part of my work and I don't like to let jobs go unfinished. If you feel I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over to you (I make mistakes, I'm human after all).


When you edit, can you Photoshop us?

I firmly believe everything and everyone on this planet is beautiful as it can be, so I don’t alter the way you look. If you/subject are not yourself on the day of photoshoot, I would gladly reschedule for a better positive day to get that smile captured.


How would I get the images?

After editing, I will send you your images in full resolution through an online portal. Of course, you can order albums and prints according to your needs. If you need your images to be deliveredd on an USB drive please let me know and I can accomodate it.


Does your Images have watermark?

Yes I do keep my watermark on all of my images, because that is my identity as an ARTIST, But I shall ensure the watermark is not capitivating your captured memories in any angle. 


Can you reschedule?

This is a trick question, as humans are all vulnerable for things out of our control such as illness, incremental weather etc. I respect that and will help you reschedule for a better happier time. On life events that can be foreseen, I would prefer to be notified at least 48 hrs in advance for any reschedule. If you fail to show up for the shoot per schedule and do not notify me and if you have paid in full, I shall refund your fee in partial and prefer not to reschedule anymore events with you, because you choose not to respect my time.  


How much do you charge?

Package 1


1.5 hour session on a single location of your choice.

10 edited high resolution digital images.


Package 2


1.5 hour session each on two different locations of your choice, preferably done on a single day and choosing multiple locations within a 10 Mile radius of the primary location.

15 edited high resolution digital images.


Package 3


1.5 hour session each on 3 different locations of your choice, preferably done over a period of 3 days and choosing multiple locations within a 20 Mile radius of the primary location.

25 edited high resolution digital images.


What are the terms of payment?

$100 non-refundable deposit required to secure a booking & Payments can be made in Cash, PayPal or ApplePay.  The remaining balance should be paid on the day of shoot.