My name is Amrth Ganapathy and I'm a hobbyist. On this website you can find some pictures I've taken through my lens. 

I prefer using natural light and mother nature’s unspoiled backdrop to photo'graph a collection of images that is one-of-a-kind experience!



I am originally from India, Born in the highlands of ‘COORG’ where Coffee is life, I mean literally coffee is life, we grow Coffee beans, cure them, roast them and sell them.


Ever seen a Twin? Yes I’m a twin and I also do have a younger brother.. So all three of us siblings look like triplets when we stand togeather...


I’m married to the most beautiful girl I layed my eyes on, I call her my GoldPhish...


My doggo is our best buddy but every dog steals my heart. Who doesn't love a pet!!!


I really want my house to be full of plants, Even though I don’t have a green thumb like my mom, I still manage to keep some plants alive.


Love sports? Heck yeah, motorsports takes the heap, then field hockey and then pool.. list goes on.


Its going to be obvious from my gallery, I love automobile, what can I say .. it has always been my passion.


In my spare time per my wife, I spend time in the garage, under one of my vehicles and she quotes” Even if there isn’t anything wrong to fix, I would remove the damn part and put it back again”